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VR Greenhouse

no green thumb, no problem.

This project was the first time I used Unreal Engine. I wanted to create a space that let users create plants that wouldn't my real ones tend to do. Through this project I just breached the surface of what UE can create.

I learned so much about Unreal Engine and how it can be used for so many different types of works from commercial work to games to interactive experiences. There's a ton of opportunity within the virtual reality sphere. A classmate gave me an interesting perspective about this project, that it could be used in a therapy space to help calm people with anxiety or depression. With more work that could become a reality. It goes to show the impact virtual reality can have.

Thank you to my amazing illustrator Krista Miller for creating the wonderful and beautiful assets for this project.

story board & first moments in UE

Lighting WIP.png

some illustrated assets


some WIP videos

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