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NFTs are NBD

non-fungible tokens are no big deal

This was a three-part project over the course of my introduction to graphic design class. I took this class with the hopes to strengthen my design eye. Each section of the project had a separate process book, fleshed out by research, development, and final products.

The first part of the project was to create a combination mark for a fictional event of our choosing. I chose to create make this about an event that I made up that would be an interactive exhibition teaching people of all ages what NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are and the pros and cons to them.

The second part was to create a poster for this event. Learning about different types of posters I found myself leaning more into a typography focus for this event.

The third part was to create materials that would be handed out at the event if it was to be held. Since this is a topic that has a focus on technology and art, I wanted to have elements that all ages could enjoy but also utilize outside of the event. 

combination mark

Project 1_Lawton_Final.png


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